How to prevent Cervical spondylosis

1、What is Cervical spondylosis?
Cerrvical spondylosis is also called cervical vertebra syndrome. It may occur in the elderly, and also occur in young people. It is a group of syndrome, because the human body gradually occur degeneration of the cervical intervertebral disc, cervical bone hyperplasia or cervical spine after the normal physiology curve change stimulation or oppression of cervical nerve root, neck, vertebral artery and cervical sympathetic nerve and spinal cord.

2、What are the symptoms of cervical spondylosis?
①Neck: complained of abnormal feeling of head, neck and shoulder pain, accompanied by corresponding pressure point. Characterized by neck stiffness, discomfort, pain, and inflexible activity, is also one of the most common symptoms.
②Nerve root: The patient’s hand or arm numbness, pain, grip strength weakened, sometimes even don’t have strength to take a cup. What severe, even difficult to fall asleep all night because of pain.
③Vertebral artery: The patient’s symptom is: migraine headaches, dizziness, or chest tightness, chest pain. Each time of dizziness relates to neck rotation.
④Sympathetic nerve: clinical manifestations are: dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus, hand hemp, tachycardia, pericardium area pain and a series of sympathetic symptoms.

3、How to prevent?
①Good sitting posture: to prevent the happening of the cervical spondylosis, the most important is with good sitting posture, relax the neck, shoulder, keep the most comfortable sitting posture. Office workers also should stand up and walk around from time to time, break the neck shoulder, make the neck shoulder muscles relax.
②Neck: After working for 1 ~ 2 hours, To turn your head and neck right and left several times, turn softly, slowly, in order to achieve the biggest range of motion in all directions, to ease the fatigue of cervical vertebra.
③Looked up in the distance, when close watch for a long time, especially for persons who always low down the head, it will not only affect cervical spine, but also cause eye fatigue, and even induce refractive errors. Therefore, whenever sitting besides the desk for too long time, you should be up to the distance over half a minute or so, which not only can eliminate fatigue, but also can care of the cervical spine.
④Sleep patterns: Don’t sleep on your stomach; the pillow can’t be too high, too hard or too low. The central of the pillow should be slightly concave, neck should fully contact and maintain to the pillow, and slightly back, don’t hung up. If you are used to sleep in side-lying position, make the pillow and shoulder on the same high position. When sleeping, don’t read when lying down. Don’t blow a cold wind over head and neck region.
⑤Avoid damage: to avoid and reduce the acute cervical spine injury, such as to avoid bump up heavy things, emergency brake, etc.
⑥Cold and damp prevention: avoid cold, wet, or cold gets when taking a shower in the midnight, or early morning. The patients with cervical spondylosis have a close relationship with cold, wet and other seasonal climate change. Cold make local vasoconstriction, reduce the speed of blood flow, inhibit the metabolism and blood circulation of the organization. When get out in winter, you should wear scarf or turtleneck sweater, etc., to prevent the neck from wind and cold.
⑦To prevent infection: treat neck infection and other cervical disease positively.

4、Daily treatment of cervical spondylosis
(1)5 Mins’ cervical spondylosis exercises
Even in the office with too many people, you can also well maintain cervical spine, such as do cervical spondylosis practice during coffee break time: sitting, and keep whole body motionless, only do head movement, respectively do down, up, turn left, turn right, forward, back; clockwise around; Counter clockwise around. Keep do 5 minutes each time, and move lightly and softly.

(2)Two kinds of massage method
After working the whole morning, your neck may be very tired till 2:00 pm. Here are two simple methods of first aid:
①Behind the neck, there are three points of acupuncture from the end of the skull base to the upper torso. Taking a few minutes to massage the three reflex points in break time, to relieve fatigue and relax the whole body instantly.
②Cross each finger, and put your hands behind the neck, rub the neck back and forth for 50 times continuously, with gentle strength. You will feel relaxed and comfortable after neck exothermic.

(3)Do outdoor activities
Cartilage nutrition is not through the blood supply, but by the pressure for change in the exchange of nutrients. If lack of activity, cartilage will face malnutrition, and cause degeneration. So increasing the outdoor activities is one of the curing methods of cervical vertebra. Here recommend some sports like: swimming, playing, yoga, etc.

(4)Nourishing the kidney in dinner
As a busy white-collar worker, you may not have enough time to prepare healthy, nutritious breakfast and lunch, but you can eat some food nutrition bone marrow in the dinner. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, cornus, radix rehmanniae, black sesame seed and ox bone have the function of kidney and marrow. You can add these materials to your dinner, which help play a strong physique, delay effect of kidney and the disintegration of the spine.

(5)Enjoy the TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine ) hot compress
Put some fennel, half a kilo salt together and fry, then into the cloth bag, heat on the back of the neck for 30 minutes one time per day. It can improve blood circulation of the back of the neck, relieve muscle spasm. Note: don’t let the temperature too high or time is too long. The effect of “Kung Fu Jiu” is much better.

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