height adjustable office conference electric table PST35QT-D8


Standing office is a new type of office work. Employees can choose to stand instead of sitting work in order to relax the body and the spirit. Intelligent lifting can maintain a healthy and efficient office state. 1. People’s health and work efficiency will be seriously affected if they keep the head down and body forward. These postures will cause cervical, lumbar disease, weight gaining and many chronic diseases. 2. Standing work doesn’t have any negative effects of information...

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Stans autem novum officii genus operis officio.
Employees eligere poterit stare in loco sedens ad opus ut relaxat corpus et animum.
Elevatio manuum intelligentes potest esse sanum statu et officio agentibus.
1. Populi salutem et opus efficientiam gravissime affectus et si deinceps custodies in caput et corpus. Haec orantis habitu corporis pertractant ego faciam ceruicis, lumborum morbo, reportando pondus, et multa longos morbos.
2. stans non opus habent aegroto ullamcorper adipiscing effectus in notitia processui vel legendi munere, nisi quod potest amplio concentration memoria.
3. The standing desk promotes better posture, reduced back  pain and increased your productivity.

Conventus Artus
iumenta praeparate ut frame ecclesiam multiformis gratiae Dei securus ad portandum mensam mollius occursum mos exigentias
Stabilis structuram
et compages firmum frame habeat facultatem magnum onus et officium operis tutum iudicium incidat.
Lumen elevans
sit disposito submissa voce quiete officium environment.


1.Keep you vibrant, healthy and productive during the work
2.Switch between sitting and standing posture when you have a sore back
3.Setup your own health plan via smartphone APP
4.Improve multiple issues like lumbar, cervical vertebra, obesity, hypertension and female reproductive disorders caused by sedentary
5.Suitable for various working environment like high-end enterprise office,       government office, medical, bank, IT, educational institution
6.Build an intelligent, healthy, productive and comfortable environment in study,  work and life





Technical Parameters

Brand Pusituo
Model number PST35QT-D8
Load capacity(N) 800
Lowest position(mm) 585
Highest position(mm) 1235
Stroke length(mm) 650
Speed(mm/s) 40
Environment temperature(℃) 0-40
Anti-collision stop Yes
Low consumption Yes
Noice(Db) <50
Desk frame color Black,White,Grey  


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